Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ram pam pa chump! Hey!

One more kiddy video and I'm going to be heading to the dementia ward before my mum... (such bad taste... *slaps hands*) It is cute seeing miss bu wrapped up in a scarf being a dancer... this only marginly delays the departure of my patience and sanity though.

I discovered something interesting about her this morning though. Thanks to Bran posting up the most beautiful feast for the eyes and me going back through her archives to find it, I discovered that the girl has an appreciation for art. Woo! She was into Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, hated Van Gogh and was totally captivated by Joe Sorren.

Perhaps we should go to a gallery.

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  • ok, so in summation:

    she liked the french whores, passed on the flowers, and was digging the surrealist/impressionist vibe at Joe's house.

    ok, i can live with that. maybe she'll love the flowers more when she's older. (i certainly didn't care for them until later on, so i won't hold this against dear Bu. maybe she would like van Gogh's portraits better. ie: Joseph Roulin)

    :) glad the kid's got taste.

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