Thursday, November 09, 2006

les bonbons mous sexy

J'ai ete trouve par un type francais recherchant les bonbons mous sexy.

Actually jellybean sexy with some wacky capitalisation. But bable fish didn't feel inclined to tell me if the French have a word for 'jellybeans'. It instead spat out "soft sexy candies".

And I'm good with that.
I really am.

(edit: due to all my french punctuation going all skew-whiff up there, I've taken it out. Stupid skew-whiff punctuation. Dont ya just hate that??)

(edit: skewiff. skew-iff. It's a word in my head. I swear it.)

(edit: you learn something new every day. It's skew-whiff, evidently. And it's British. Good to know. :) )

posted by johana at 2:50 pm


  • In England we call them jellybeans soft sexy candies. We call jam liquid sweet fruit sugar too.

    We make all the best words, evidently.

    By Blogger Hamish, at 5:43 am  
  • I lived in the UK for a short while and can confirm that the above is correct.

    Did you know you can use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn, Johana? Did you know that?

    By Blogger teigan, at 1:03 pm  
  • The first rule is don't ask questions.

    By Blogger Hamish, at 9:22 am  
  • I put it to you that it might be in your best interests not to ask questions.

    But hey, don't listen to me; I'm just some guy, you know

    By Blogger teigan, at 2:20 pm  
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