Monday, November 06, 2006

throwing puppies into mincers since 1983

Awww...  Mishuki.  Ta for the reminder.  Tres sweet of you.  And yes.  It is really my fault and it is really pathetic.  Embaressingly so.  It's his fault that he's a jackass corpse fucker though.  I'm not taking the hit for that.  I told him how I thought today though.  It prompted a guilt fuelled trip to Melbourne to see me.  I, very maturely, planned to leave the house right before he arrived and made him wait for an hour outside the house in the car looking very sorry for himself.  Heh.  That'll teach him.  Well it wont, but it made me snicker in a nasty place deep inside.  Right before I feel guilty and mean.  I'm good like that.  ; )

Dorians birthday was fab.  We had a barbecue.  We had some family and friends over.  Indys best friend came.  It was all rather chilled out, just like the kiddo.  I made red velvet cupcakes

If I had uploaded the photos here's where I'd post one like so I haven't though so you'll have to let your imagination and the visual aide cover it for now.  A heads up - my kids cuter than all those ones.  So something like that.  But cuter.  Much much cuter.  With red cake. 

I believe I may have been inspired though.  I must post more.  And *reads back post thus far* I must make a more sincere effort to post whole sentences.  I now pledge, whilst hopped up on cold meat off yesterdays barbecue and warm heatery/wine goodness, to post more often and less shittily.  If I wasn't so hopped up on meat stuffs I could have probably organised a better way of saying all that just now...

Someone accused me this week of being too lazy.  Too lazy to even post myself.  I'd like to take a moment to thank Hamish for his much appreciated posts on my old smoggy blog here.  I feel we really needed more on thiefing around these parts.  ; )

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  • This is superb. Just too much goodness, I don't know where to start. Keep on eating that cold meat; it's clearly good for you

    By Blogger teigan, at 10:17 pm  
  • :D ta. :D I thought you might approve...

    By Blogger johana, at 10:32 pm  
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