Monday, August 29, 2005

There needs to be a support group

for people who's children are two...

Or medication... strong medication.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm sorry

I unexpectedly ran into someone tonight that I used to email...

I have no clue how I would go about contacting this person again so I just wanted to say here that I'm sorry I was such a jerk...

*does double take*

How many posts this week?!?

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

omg omg omg

This was in my referals-

I'm number 1!!! :D iiieeee...

No it doesn't work at google. Damn this porn star name!

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super monkey *loooves* to touch

Followed up with a line about apologising for making the little girl cry by sticking his finger in her sweet, soft fairy floss...

Honestly. Kids TV is becoming more perverse by the day. And they blame kids having sex early on porn and the internet... or porn on the internet, whatever. Or movies. Or video clips. It's so not. It's totally kids TV. Have I mentioned my brothers thoery that theres a higher prevelance of gay men in his age group purely because of a lack of hot chickies on kids TV when he was growing up? I can't remember because I only got like 3 hours sleep last night... I'm sure I'll follow this post up with another whinier one about the last 24 hours...

Anyways, that wee gem was from this show Indy loves it. Today Mr Murphy, aka Super Monkey, loved to sniff. I didn't even want to hear it.

In other, no less scarily lude news, I have been most lax in getting our kitten the chop and now she's on heat. I had no idea she was such a little whore. Honestly. I've never seen such a gross display of lust and hormones in all my days. And that includes highschool. She's developed a thing for one of our male (neutered, I might add) cats. He has no clue what she's tripping on. Our other cat, Jupiter, is too busy going out and making friends with the strays that are now lurking in every shadowy or not so shadowy corner around our house. The miaowing and the howling is making us crazy.

She's getting booked in today.

I had this great dream last night. I have this plan at the moment to start producing *** ****** due to a distinct hole in the market and last night I dreamt that I got a contract to supply coles and ******** bought me out and I became fabulously wealthy. It was a great dream. The fabulously wealthy bit was my favorite.

To wind up, from playschool this morning-
Oh lovely pussy,
Oh pussy my love,
What a lovely pussy you are you are
What a lovely pussy you are.

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