Friday, January 19, 2007

Green Pea Prices and whatnot...

Stupid hospital. So was there actually any news yesterday?

*tries to think of fuck-off-painkiller-proof ways to remind Jo to keep her public informed*

Can I come round and give you a tattoo? I doubt it will hurt much, under the circumstances

Posted by teigan to the green jellybean at 1/16/2007 06:17:03 PM

No you can't come around and give me a tattoo...  Unless you have mad, so far undivulged,  tattoo giving skills.  If so - I want a wee stick figure climbing my spine.  :P

As for my health- still no news.  I'm still hurty and the medication I'm on is still making me feel like crap but only 5 days till I get to find out exactly what's going on.  This has got to be a good thing.  Too much time + fuzzy thoughts = not a happy jojobean.  

On a more positive note - It's my birthday in exactly 7 days so I *will* be all fixed up by then.  :D  And there shall be drinking and festivities and invites for everyone.  We're going to have gin punch I believe.  I don't actually like gin so much but they look cute in their little jugs so I'm sure fruity and delicious is what they shall be.  

And there shall be fireworks.  For me.  And they are just for me.  I have the spoon and cup to prove it.  :P  

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