Monday, November 13, 2006

And it's an ordinary sky

Today's like any other day.

*le sigh*
I love Bic.

Two thumbs up to Indy's kinder in their choice of substitute teacher. It's probably bad form to be checking out your kids kinder teacher... But hey. Eye candy's eye candy. mmm... Strangely familiar eye candy though which is slightly disconcerting... But definitely a fine choice...

It's probably worse form to be asking my three year old ethical questions she has little to no hope of being able to answer.

She loves the fish at my mums house. My mums dog periodically eats the fish. I don't know if this is what happened. I do know that sitting at the cafe after kinder Indy's face rearranged itself into it's most serious little expression.

"Grandpa ate the fish"
"Grandpa ate the goldfish at nanas house" (looking just a mite bit teary)
"Did he now?"
"Yes. Mary-Joy and I watched him. We didn't stop him. We just ran away."
"So you and Mary-Joy just watched him, hey? Then don't you think it might be, perhaps, a bit your fault that the fish got eaten? Because you saw it and didn't stop it?"
(shocked) "But we were scared. We ran away. Nana should have stopped him from eating the fish!"
"But you saw him do it. And you just ran away. I don't know Ins... Sounds like you should have told him not to eat the fish to me.... "

She's going to hate me when she grows up. I can just feel it. I'm fairly certain it was a game. I wouldn't just randomly blame the murder of pets on a three year old. Incidentally.

So. Anyway. Sitting sitting at the cafe. Eating. Chatting. Going through her many artworks. This guy comes in. I swear- he was deaf with Tourettes. He was sitting there eating and then all would be dropped and he'd be waving both hands like a nutter. Dorian thought it was great. He loves waving. Then BAM! The crazy sign language started. I swear he was all "Fuck! Shit! POSSUM!!!" I wish I knew sign language. Then more crazy signing and wild waving so on.

Deaf with Tourettes. I think. There's a fair chance he could have just been run of the mill insane with poor impulse control, as is not uncommon in crazy people in my experience. But Tourettes would be much funner. Anyone who knows me, know I love me some random barking.

Oh yeah.

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  • "Fuck! Shit! POSSUM!!!"

    Heheh, nice combo.

    At least the articulate tourettes sydromers can be funny. I've been near a few recently, one of whom just honked. Simply couldn't stop honking. I don't know how else to describe it other than a honk. it started as a hrmphhahah...HONK!

    I have a feeling he knew the honk was coming, and tried to stifle it, but could only manage a strained "hrmphhahah..." before sadly succumbing to the inevitable "HONK!" right at the end.

    By Blogger Li, at 10:22 pm  
  • Aw... It is sad, it is. But also. Giggle worthy. How terribly conflicting. ; )

    And an update on the fish thing- Apparently her gandpa had bits of cut up carrot that he told her were the fish. So he was just pretending. He's got winding her up down to an artform.

    By Blogger johana, at 6:20 pm  
  • Much as you know I love you, J-Bean, this post is just TOO LONG. I'm going to read it tomorrow, when I'm less tired and drunk.

    It better be worth it.

  • mishuki. Your comment is too GRUMPY.

    I'm going to read it when I'm less tired and hungover tommorrow.

    As much as you know I love you an all...

    By Anonymous johana, at 11:20 am  
  • >mishuki. Your comment is too GRUMPY.

    There's no way you could have drawn that conclusion without reading it! Pants on fire etc

    By Blogger teigan, at 4:44 pm  
  • Okay - so I read it.

    *world holds its breath*

    Frikken ROCKED! It's spookily appropriate that Li commented on this one - the one person I know who writes (or wrote, sigh) epic blog posts I can actually find the attention span to get all the way through.

    Are you saying this guy was compulsively swearing in sign language? Coz if so, that also frikken rocks.

    >I love Bic.

    I like Parkers myself. Lamy make nice fountain pens, also.

    But each to their own.

    By Blogger teigan, at 11:35 pm  
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