Thursday, December 14, 2006

the value of values

It's like evangelical Christians, really.  The New Testament goes to great pains to really push the values of tolerance, compassion, loving thy neighbours, all that good stuff.  Now if some well meaning bible basher goes up to some hapless sod on the street and tells him he's going to hell, he's probably not going to say to his good self - "Now.  This chaps onto something!  He's trying to save my soul.  How compassionate.  Just like that Jesus fellow.  I sure would like to know more about him!"  That hapless sod is probably going to think Mr-Street-Corner-Evangelical-Bible-Basher is an arsehole, and rightfully so. 

In the same way, forcing migrants to sit tests on "Australian values" (however they might be defined) seems ludicrous.  I mean- Define "fair go".  Erm... I don't know... Letting me in on my merits rather than making me guess at the answers of questions whose answers are shrouded in grey area and personal interpretation?  No no.  That can't be it.  It must be - "making it an absolute cinch to pass this test if you're from an English speaking country with similar society structure, legal system and heritage."  Yes.  That must be it.  Because one thing is for sure, any Englishman who doesn't know their own legal system probably shouldn't be allowed here.  And we don't really want all those nasty people with different coloured skin, random religions and wacky customs here. 

I so hate the "Australian values" crap.  I really do.  I mean blah blah blah democracy, freedom, equality...  Fuck.  I heard larrakinism mentioned by someone.  Larrikinism!  What the fuck is that?!  The ability to make up words?  Or perhaps it covers the good folk who set the fires in Melbourne's North over the weekend.  They weren't arsonists!  They were "Larrikins".  Good on them, I say! Just fine Australian spirit!  *rolls eyes*

And- Digger spirit?  Mateship?  Huh?  I'm really sorry but I doubt we invented friendship and I'm fairly sure that the bonds forged in war were just as strong between those pesky soldiers fighting for the Nazis as they were amongst our fine Diggers.  FAMILY?!?  I mean.  Yes.  We sure are the ony country that cares about the family.  Yep yep yep.  Clearly I've been living under some kind of crazy delusion that humans are basically the same all over.  Scratch that one. 

And to think I thought the nifty thing about Australia was the freedom to establish and live by our own values within the bounds of the law.  How deluded was I?


Onto a bit of a personal note - perhaps making definite statements in a public forum isn't the best of ideas.  xade and I are working on it. 

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  • > How deluded was I?

    Live 'n' learn, m'dear

    Live 'n' learn

    By Blogger teigan, at 12:51 pm  
  • In a way, I'm disappointed that i got in before they had the tests. I figure i could have just displayed australian values by finding a refugee to kick.

    oh, and good luck on you and xade.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:01 pm  
  • Ha. I'd be disapointed too, if I were you.

    I'm totally bummed. I want to renounce my Australian citizenship and become kiwi just so I can jump through hoops trying to get back in the gang again! :D

    and yes. living and learning. living and learning.

    Thanks for the good luck there. : )

    By Anonymous johana, at 2:55 pm  
  • What is it about the psychology of yer average Straryin, always wantin' ta find an answer to the question of what does it mean to be a Straryin?

    It means nothing. Deal with it!

    What is your opinion of the ANZUZ treaty, and how do you think it will withhold the current fissures within the foreign policy objectives of the countries involved?

    Valid question that one.

    What do you like about living in Australia?

    Valid also, I guess, if you are a foreigner putting plans together to move away from you abusive spouse.

    But, what does it MEAN to be a Straryin?


    BTW, I have a friend who is an evangelical Christian. Apparently he evangelises on the steps, or near abouts to Flinders Street Station. Next time he goes, myself and another friend are going to watch. Apparently there are formulaic questions they ask to trap weak minded people.

    And if you enjoy watching an atheist 'owning', check out Uber-dawkins...
    this vid is cool, cos the christians in the audience reveal themselves, and get 'owned' by Uber-dawkins closer to stage.

    By Blogger Li, at 6:38 pm  
  • >>But, what does it MEAN to be a Straryin?<<

    Strewth, cobber! It means wees all Strayin's yer flamin' drongo.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:42 pm  
  • Possible questions I would like to see on the test:

    a) How many settlers were convicted of massacring 28 Aboriginals at Myall Creek in 1838?

    b) What was Arthur Calwell most famous for saying?

    c) What was the pacific solution in world war 2?


    a) Seven of the twelve (in the second trial). None in the first.

    b) "Two Wongs don't make a White"

    d) To leave the Japanese to take over Australia whilst we all go off happily to defend England. (One of the few good things America has done for us).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:49 pm  
  • When an Australian soldier name Bruce steals military hardware - Larrikinism

    When an Australian soldier named Ibrahim steals military hardware - sponsoring Terrorism.

  • i didn't have a chance to call inds and say happy birthday on monday, but i hope she had a wonderful day. :)

    By Anonymous sarah, at 11:54 pm  
  • This post is so 2006. Get up to speed girl.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:47 pm  
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