Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Migration: all the cool kids are doing it.

:D :D :D


If everything goes to plan, we'll be in England in like July.

The only thing we're waiting on now is for our tax returns to come back and then this happy little VISA should be ours!  :D

After that it's just a matter of getting clearence to enter, the xadey one getting a job and we're off.  Or perhaps the otherway around, which is kinda scary.  The other way around would be xade heading over and then us following when he gets work.  eep...  But still so exciting. 


posted by johana at 9:45 am


  • :)

    By Blogger teigan, at 6:48 pm  
  • First J, and now you and Xade... they all want to come to England.

    If you come in July you're going to have two summers and two autumns. Cool, huh?

    By Blogger Hamish, at 6:05 am  
  • exciting times afoot.

    I've often thought it would be great to move every so often and just start accumulating citizenships all over the place.

    I need to go somewhere that has a red passport next, as both my Oz and US one are blue.

  • oh man! sad i won't get to hang with you guys in melbourne, but


    for you.

    that is *so* exciting.

    i shall save my currently non-existent pennies so i can hopefully come down (london, right?) and visit this summer.

    does that sound like a plan?

    i think it does.

    (ad, you in?)


    By Blogger lady j, at 7:45 am  
  • "does that sound like a plan?"

    iieee! :D Totally sounds like a plan. Although maybe for Autumn? My arrival date is all up in the air because it depends on when the xadey one can get a job and like... send our airfares over. eep. ; )

    " oh man! sad i won't get to hang with you guys in melbourne"

    o... but you will be able to show us around Manchester when we vist, yeah? :D

    " exciting times afoot."

    Indeed. And the colour *is* the important bit. :P

    "If you come in July you're going to have two summers and two autumns. Cool, huh?"

    Totally. Even better - we don't get there in the middle of winterfrom the middle of our summer and freeze our sweet patooties off. Always a bonus. :D

    By Blogger johana, at 10:21 am  
  • yes, it's always good to avoid patooty freezing where possible.

  • Although maybe for Autumn?

    Well, I turn into a Boston-bound pumpkin right around September 1, so if by autumn you mean middle-late summer, yes :)

    " oh man! sad i won't get to hang with you guys in melbourne"

    o... but you will be able to show us around Manchester when we vist, yeah? :D

    Absolutely! Or, alternately, perhaps you will still be in Melbourne when I arrive. Though I hope you'll have already have embarked upon your adventure by then, because it's no fun having to wait too long for adventures to start.

    Either, way fingers crossed that paths will cross!


    By Blogger lady j, at 1:46 pm  
  • Sounds fucking awesome. Best of luck with it!

    By Blogger Althea, at 11:49 pm  
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