Wednesday, January 25, 2006


i hate the birthdays...

i'm not old enough to care about the age thing (and I'll keep telling
myself this, thank-ye very much) but I hate the inevitable
anti-climax. This is another good reason for doing it the night
before. Gives me the whole next day to scew it up... ; )

i don't have anything to wear...

and my mum's going to screw up looking after the boy. I can taste it.

and my mum's staying over so I'm not even going to get laid... this
is a *very* sad state of affairs...

and it's going to be 40 on my actual birthday which is much too hot...

I didn't invite anyone and then I started and it's all a wee bit... awful...

breath in breath out... and in and out a few more times. I think I
should go have a shower... or cut my hair off or something...

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a comment from Xul Solar 23....

who woulda thunk it.... ; )

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

oh... and-


cause zombies really do make everything cooler... ; )

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so.. it's my birthday on thursday....

and i wants me some cocktails...

and to not remember the ride home...

I have a babysitter for wednesday night (the joys of having ones
birthday on a public holiday- it's much handier to go out the night
before...) but i have not a good cocktail place to go to. Suggestions

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

he said she might have cancer

but she doesn't! :D

I am *so* relieved. Indy's been to a dermatologist who specialises in
cancer today because shes had lump on her face that hasn't healed,
regardless of all the things the doctor's been getting us to try for
months. The doctor thought that it was cancerous and wanted to send
her to a plastic surgeon to get it cut out. I wanted to try to get it
done at the childrens hospital preferably so he referred her to the
dermatologist who happens to work at the Royal Childrens.

He said that it was most probably an insect bite, probably a spider
bite or a tick. The bite got infected and created an abcess. The
flesh under the skin died, hence all the grossness.

All we have to do is put on Savlon cream on for a month or two and it
will heal, leaving a little chicken pox type white scar. :D It's

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Monday, January 02, 2006

"Luke *laboured breathing*..."

I love my girl

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