Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sammy! Everybody know's now that your mother's not a serial killer!

I don't normally watch morning TV and if I do it's generally kids TV on ABC, which is painful in its own special way but anyhoo... I think it could very well be a great idea if I stick with my anti-morning TV stance. I'm not even watching, just listening and it's making me cranky and like I need to rant at xadey about it. Specifically it's the ads on Kerri-Anne

For instance, a mortgage ad (do people really decide on a lender based on a morning show???)-

"We're so much cheaper than the big 4 banks! Our rate is 5.85%" ...and we have absolutely no perks like rebate or offset accounts and if you pay it off early we'll eat your firstborn...

It even said- "We guarantee that if you're paying the standard variable rate at one of the 4 big banks you will be better off rate-wise with our loan"

*Rate-wise*. You'll still be paying it off when you're 50 but at least you wont be paying those HUGE interest rates that you would be at a reliable lender. We'll prolly tank and take your house with us but hey! At least you wont have paid 0.5% interest extra! You'll *save* $30,000 over the life of the loan with us! Then again if you had stuck with your original lender and paid it off earlier you coulda saved a whole lot more but just ignore that for the minute wont you?

Anyways... *ahem*

I've been sooo busy. Well not the last couple of days. The last couple of days have been declared productive if I've actually managed to get dressed sometime in the early afternoon. (yep. I'm still wearing only a blanket. the heater's on. It's great) But before the last couple of days- b-u-s-y.

There have been coffees with da boyz, trips to the museum, a sick xadey, an excitimo two year old, visits from the mels, redecorations of the ol' house, farewelling my baby girl at the airport, an ultrasound and a whole multitude of other things. Plus I'm 22 weeks pregnant. Is a lot for someone who now waddles rather than walks and who got told "mummy looks like whale" by a certain precocious child.

Much excitement all round really. I'll expand a lil shall I?

We now have a new computer desk! iiieeee! We used to have our corner of sin in our loungeroom with a clunky big desk with lotsa room for crap to fall in the jungle of cords behind it. Now no longer. And the desk has a nifty movable drawer section that's orange. Is much prettier now. IKEA is much too big. They need to make a mini IKEA just with the stuff that I like in it so I don't have to traipse around so damn far and then shift the whole house around to fit bought stuff in. No I'm not unreasonable. It's the waddle. Always blame it on the waddle.

For days- 'I wanna see diiinosaurs!' 'I wanna see the diiiinosaurs!!!'. Along xadey and I dutifully troop for an afternoon at our local museum. We even got us a yearly pass. We admired all the butterflies and the 'sleeping' birds, stuck our heads in plastic bubbles in ants nests, pressed lots of buttons and so forth. She saw her very first human skeleton... and ran screaming. Apparently this one's not destined to be a doctor.

'I wanna see the diiiinosaurs!' ok ok. All she could see was a brontosauruses head- 'I SCARED OF THE DINOSAURS!!!! I DON'T WANNA SEE THE DINOSAURS!!!!! NOOOOOO!'

The hula hoops and other assorted brightly coloured gear in the kids section outside went down a lot better.

The coffees with Tript and Teigs was great. Coffee. Chatting. All the good things you'd expect of going out for coffee. And it only rained a little.

Now the *BIG* news.

I had an ultrasound on Monday. All the stressing and fretting in the lead up to the ultrasound turned out to be all for no good reason. There were 10 fingers and 10 wiggley toes. There was a brain with 2 even sides, apparently a good attribute in a brain. A little mouth that opened and closed with a little tongue that got stuck out at us. A little heart that was beating away. And... a teeny tiny penis... :D Is a boy! :D

So names? Nothing from The Matrix or The Lord of The Rings... Don't even start giving xade ideas... Last thing I need. ; )

Right now it stands as: Dorian Edward. : D

Mmmm... Pfeffers....

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

God damnit

I had half a chirpy post written and all...

I'll try to feel sufficiently chirpy enough to finish it later...

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My baby girl just got on a plane to New Zealand without me.

I think I'm going to vomit... : (

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Monday, June 06, 2005

most faithful mirror

I've been told I need to post more often... several times really. There are a couple of reasons why I haven't been.

My avenue for somewhat impersonal cam posts has now been somewhat restricted thanks to some members of management seeing what I've posted of late as inappropriate. No. Not even posting the email addies. That was a slap on the wrist. Apparently opinions need to be kept to a minimum for risk of expulsion.

The other reason is that I haven't been doing overly much with leaves me with what's been going on in the ol' head. Whoever said being pregnant was a bunch of roses was a liar and a fiend and should be sentenced to an eternity of it. There's the actual physically beng sick bit and then there's all these irrational emotions. I don't, most generally, do the emotional bit overly often but I've been so sad and so angry and, just for kicks, happy and excited. It's all confusing and awful. I hate not being in control of myself. Hate it. And now I cry??

It's fun and cute and exciting to feel the baby kick and all but I don't have the image of myself all fat in my head yet. Every time I look in the mirror there I am. Enormous. I know it's not fat it's baby and I know it's a shallow thing to care about but I do care. And if one more person tells me that it's a ridiculous thing to care I'll... I'll... cry?

(wow. My mum just called. she said it was 'silly' and that 'carrying a baby' is both 'wonderful' and 'special' and 'to be cherished'. *groan*)

So yes unstable. That's pretty much why the lack of postage from me.

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