Monday, September 26, 2005

What have i done?

eep... : (

Indy had a mullet. The mullet is now gone...

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Yay! Technical help...

Whilst we're here- does anyone have any idea what's going on with my printer?

Unless I send whatever I want to print to that pdfFactory thingy
before I want to print and then print it prints really really really
tiny. As in a whole page taking up two inches in the top corner

I've tried clicking all the printer options it has , like "print to
size of page" and the make it 100% type one to no avail...

It's a brother printer if that helps anyone...

Grr... to whoever fiddled with it and then doesn't remember what they've done!

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You can thank the post-age on the man with enough fortitude to start a
revolution. Did everybody else know I could email posts onto my blog?
Thus avoiding the need to visit, or my blog for that
matter, completely?! This is fabulous news! It was their hideous
site that drove me from posting. Or at least didn't help. I'd have
something to write about but then memories of having to wait for 15
minutes on our crappy crappy modem connection and having the stupid
thing time-out. Half a dozen times...

You should definitly no thank (blame?) Teigan because he doesn't
visit... : ( Stupid Teigan... Who needs him anyways?

I have no idea how to put in links now... If anyone wants to help me
out with that, feel free..

An aside: A telephone service provider who shall remain un-named, are
total fuckwits.

They send out bills with reference numbers. The follow up notices
they send out- no reference numbers. Why bother in the first place?

It's 11.20... I should really get to it...

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oh yeah...

and the fact that I'm too damned lazy to actually work...

That's prolly a contributing factor also...

If anyone wants to tell me how to link, feel free. Did I already say this?

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Xadey! Where's my courier Pigeon??

ok... I've now been here for about an hour and a half and have yet to
achieve anything meaningful.

I've swiped a box of paper clippy thingies, sorted a pile of paper
into two piles of paper before returning them to my in-tray doovie,
and put the last couple of weeks worth of bank statements into their

Lacking motivation...

Lacking my damned pen...

I just found out that *everyone's* going to be up here. And the
bathroom is going to be renovated as well. The Boss said we could go
behind a tree. I am not going behind a damned tree... Owing to the
fact that I'm the only chick at my work, I have, up until the great
destruction, had my own bathroom. This is not a fun day.

Yay!! I just remembered I have chocolate stashed in my bag!!!

At least now I have munchies to keep me occupied! : )

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Fuck on a fuckstick....

There was a massive pile of crap outside my works door when I got in
this morning... All their old carpet samples and bits of brick and
other assorted building materials. Boxes of old papers and books and
unused designs. I work for architects. These people are magpies.
They don't throw shit away. *Ever*

"Uh... we've changed a few things around upstairs. You may need to
move some things to get to your desk." You've done what now?! But
but but... crap.

My office is being renovated. For over a year, probably closer to
two, I've had my own floor which has given me the space and freedom I
need to... work... in peace. Otherwise known as check out blogs and
email folk whilst getting paid. Now they're going to shift stinky
boys up here whilst the longroom's being rebuilt...

I wonder if I can assert any sort of claim on the boardroom... I
should definitly test the waters... Perhaps I could pull the ol' but
I'm too fat to be climbing stairs!

To add insult to injury- Someone stole my damned pen! My boss told me
I could punch him. So I did. I then marched back upstairs and have
since gone on strike. I've been sitting here for a good 45 minutes
now justifying my decision not to work by asserting that I need my
pen... Sure there are other pens and I could always try doing some
non-pen related activity in the meantime...

I figure I need some more time to glare at my surroundings.




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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The new baby thing : )

Well.... The thing is- I'm all big and fat and uncomfortable
(read:grumpy). The baby's due on October 31st. Yay! We'd get to
have Halloween parties!

We don't get Halloween here...

All's going A-OK. He's big. We're both healthy. We get to go and
peer at him with the aid of an ultrasound next week. : )

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