Friday, April 29, 2005




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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm experiencing something very strange and disturbing...

Every time I try to open someone's blog hosted by blogger all I get is the blogger start page or my own 'create post' type page... At first it was only happening on Tripts blog but then Avery and Constance dropped out on me too... I'm not game to refresh xadey-boy for fear of the prospect of tabs and tabs of Firefoxey type tabs all staring at me with the Blogger page on them...

Does anyone know what the hell is going on? Or have I sucked my own blog into my horrible little vacuume with me?

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A post for Miss Paige

Could it be?? Could Charlie dearest be a spy? To tell you the truth, I don't know if I'd put it past him...

I do know, however, that if he didn't know on the 6th, he certainly knew on the 8th when he sent me this worried email out of the blue-

I am in trouble.

I think I am being investigated by Neurocam management. I am not sure
if this account is secure anymore. If contacted by any members of staff
can you please *Snippity snip snip*


I like Charlie. At this point I'm going to have to stay the loyal little fan girl and say that if he was trying to bring it all crashing down he probably had his very good reasons, regardless of who he was sleeping with...

In fact, on that note- Perhaps Mr Knight was just jealous! Perhaps he was framing Hastings! Perhaps... perhaps... perhaps it was discovered he was actually Beltaine and Briddles lost all respect and he was so ashamed he quit...

Who knows... I'm sure it will all unravel itself deliciously slowly with many twists and turns along the way...

What I do really want to know is - has anyone else spoken to Charles since April 8th? Or has he vanished from everybodies inboxes?

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

As everyone else rushes off to Operation Fun In The Park

Spare a thought for me stuck at home with the girl... *pout* Alas. My first missed assignment. I spose it was going to happen sooner or later...

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A new Neurocam blog

You know how with the Bolte Bridge assignment we were all left wondering about how Shemyaza from Sydney and, more suprisingly, Wintermute from Germany could be there? And why? But then Shemyaza turned out to be Melbourne based Shemjaza. Wintermute, to me at least, was still a bit of a mystery. Not anymore. Lookee here- New Cam blog. The Melbourne Wintermute

UPDATE~And then there was two - Reanimator can now be found here

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Oh and

Tript was an excellent doorbitch... ; )

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Okie Dokieur to ask.

I haven't sent in my report yet... or written it come to think of it but I wanna get the jump on this posting thing.

Tuesday was interesting and suprisingly fun. There was chess and foozball in a pub in North Melbourne. The foozball wasn't an official Neurocammy activity but it was there and it was fun. I lost two games of chess miserably which was to be expected. I'm not a big chess player. The last game was great. I got Teigan in a check kinda position. It was a quickly lost check position but hey.... easy come easy go. We didn't get to finish the game thanks to 10 o'clock rolling around just a bit too soon but it was called *my way* Woo! (sorry teigan) Just. It was really a draw... but my way! Woo!

It's a good thing we're not being judged on our chess playing prowess. If we were reanimator would be a shoe in. He's a scary man to face on the battleground that is chess... That was rather dramatic....

For all those who didn't get the mission, here it is. enjoy-
Dear Operative

This e-mail contains the details of your next Neurocam assignment.



A face-to-face assessment of an Operative's suitability for career


The 1st phase of Neurocam International's 2005 operations is drawing to
a close.

Due to a disparity between the number of active field operatives and
the number of operatives required for phase two, Neurocam has decided
to cull its operational work force. To this end it has been determined
that a face-to-face assessment of each operative is required.

Based upon the outcomes of this assessment, a determination will be
made as to whether each Operative should be recommended for career
advancement, should be retained in Neurocam's services at their current
status, or dismissed from the organization.

'Chess problems demand from the composer the same virtues that
characterize all worthwhile art: originality, invention, conciseness,
harmony, complexity, and splendid insincerity.' - Vladimir Nabokov,
'Poems and Problems', 1969


Below are the procedural details for this assignment. Any deviation
from the operational protocol described may result in a requirement of
disciplinary action against the operative.

1. Between 8 - 10pm on Tuesday or Wednesday the 5th and 6th of April
you must arrive at 368 Victoria Street, West Melbourne. Before
entering the venue, you must ensure that you are wearing both your
white face mask and Neurocam identifier.

2. Upon entering the building, purchase a drink and proceed upstairs
where you will be met by a number of other operatives, all of whom will
be similarly masked. Please be aware, two of their number will be
members of Neurocam's upper management.

3. Around the venue you will notice a number of chess boards. As soon
as a chess board is free, you must approach another operative, state
your Neurocam Operative name and challenge them to a game of chess.

4. Beyond the exchange of your Neurocam name, you are strictly
forbidden from discussing Neurocam in any way throughout your match.

5. Once the game has been won or lost, you are to note the name of
your competitor, the outcome of the match and the details of any
conversation engaged in during the match.

6. You must then repeat steps 3 through 5 until you have either played
every operative in the room or the allotted time for this assessment is
complete (see step 7).

7. At 10.00pm exactly you must cease the match you are engaged in and
make a note of which player is an advantageous position.

8. Within the venue there is a painting which is the work of a famous
individual who has not obtained their fame for their artistic
endeavors. Determine which painting and the identity of the artist
before vacating the venue in an expedient manner.

9. Submit a report of your assignment (including a record of your wins
and losses, a brief transcript of all conversations and the identity of
the famous painter) to the Operations Division
( prior to close of business on Friday April 8,

NOTE: You will be informed of the results of your assessment within
two weeks of the submission of your report.


Neurocam International is aware that many operatives publicly discuss
and relate their Neurocam experiences via online forums and web
journals. Operatives are permitted to continue this practice, but are
strictly forbidden from discussing or publishing any details attaining
to this assignment until after Friday April 8, 2005. Any operative
found doing so will suffer immediate expulsion from Neurocam.


Charles Hastings
Head, Operations Division
Neurocam International
Longest post ever... : )

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is it just me or

do there seem to be heaps of people younger than me floating around these days?

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My picture

My wonderful picture! You're back! Woo!

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Wellity wellity well...

Wasn't last night just a blast? Creepy factor high... I worry about the day when the creepyness become passe and no longer creepy. That shall be the day I quit the Cam... I have made it to 22 still undesensitized (Woo! New word!)to scary TV. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with losing all sensitivity to scary life...

I am the lucky owner of a *whole* week off. As in a whole week. Or just about. I mean I have work on Friday and get the girl back that night but I've been a free woman since Sunday night and man I needed it. It's the longest bu has ever been away from home. My mum's using her to ignore the fact that she is minus her dusty, me thinks, but it's all good. I don't know whether to call and say hi or if that would be upsetting and remind her that yes, she does have a mummy...

I have a rant builing... For now- later slaters.

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